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DroneSnap gets you a drone, with a professional, qualified drone operator to wherever you are in the country in a snap!

Aerial photography

With DroneSnap, you'll be able to request a drone for any aerial photography or aerial videography service you might need.

With our huge range of drones and skilled drone operators, you can now afford to get those amazing cinematic shots or hi-res photos.

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With DroneSnap, you'll be able to request a drone on-site whenever you need it.

Hiring a full sized helicopter for a construction site can become extremely expensive and involves a lot of planning. Drones are fantastic at providing low cost aerial images and footage which is just perfect for monitoring progress to show all the stakeholders involved.

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Get a drone at your wedding to capture those amazing and unique shots that you'll have forever.

Our drone operators are extremely flexible, reliable and can work with anyone to help capture your day in as much detail as possible.

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Golf courses

Drones are the only way to completely capture the beauty of a well kept golf course all in one shot.

We offer fly-overs of each hole which is a great way to allow potential customers to view and experience each hole before they arrive there.

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Get those awesome crowd shots with a drone at your event.

From live concerts to mountain bike races, drones can provide those amazing shots that you just can't get from the ground.

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Real estate

Real estate drones can capture all of the noteworthy features of an entire property in one single shot and thus display its true value.

Whether it’s a mansion in Camp’s Bay, a 6 bedroom house in Clifton, a beautiful equestrian farm in the Midlands, or even a commercial property, our aerial photography drones are making the property purchasing experience so much better.

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Our mapping drones can cover large areas at a time, with results as quick as the next day.
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Precision agriculture systems have added value to the farming revolution for many years.

Drones are now here to drive the next revolution in the farming community. Drone mounted optics will save you costs and increase your yield over a vast spectrum of commercial crops. You can obtain previously hidden information about your fields in an instant.

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Volume measurements

Quick and simple measurements

Get fast, accurate volume measurements of stockpiles or quarries

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